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Dependable Night Child Care Services in Stamford, CT

Tailored Night Care Based on Your Needs

At Growing Minds Daycare Center, we offer a unique night child care program in Stamford, CT, catering to families with varying evening schedules. Understanding the demands of modern life, our services are designed to provide flexibility and peace of mind for parents who need reliable care beyond traditional hours.

Our night care operates Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, with a special schedule on Wednesdays until 10:00 pm. This service is not just about supervision; it's an extension of our daytime educational and care programs. As our night care is based on demand, we encourage parents to reach out to us to discuss specific needs and availability. Our licensed facility ensures that your child is safe, engaged, and cared for by professional staff in a nurturing environment.

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OChildren participating in calm evening activities under supervision at Growing Minds night care.
How Our Night Care Works

Flexible and Responsive to Your Child Care Needs

Our night care service is designed to be as flexible as possible, accommodating the diverse schedules of Stamford's families. We understand that each family's needs are unique, and our goal is to provide a solution that works for everyone.

Caring staff member reading bedtime stories to children during night care at Growing Minds.

Night care Based on Demand

The availability of our night care is dependent on demand, allowing us to provide personalized attention to each child. We maintain a licensed and secure environment, ensuring the highest standards of care are met, even during the evening hours. To understand how our night care can fit into your schedule and to learn about our fee structure, which varies depending on the hours of care needed, we invite you to reach out to us for a detailed discussion.

Supporting Families Day and Night

At Growing Minds Daycare Center, we're committed to supporting Stamford families with flexible, reliable, and licensed child care solutions. Our night care program is an extension of this commitment, offering a safe and nurturing environment for your child, tailored to your unique schedule. We understand the importance of finding the right care for your child, especially during the evening hours. Our team is here to work with you, ensuring that your child's care and educational needs are met, no matter the time of day. Contact us to learn more about how our night care services can support your family's needs.

Warm and inviting children's playroom at Growing Minds, equipped for night care.
Kids enjoying interactive playtime at our Stamford daycare center
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